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identity intelligence Coaching Young Adult

identity intelligence® Coaching for Young Adults (18-22yo)


This is our Signature Virtual Coaching Program. We use the best assessments avaialalbe to provide world class validity and reliability to accompany our coaching. All of our identity intelligence™ coaching tools link to government websites, which help pick a career and a major to support specific careers.


Helpful Downloads

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Download a sample brochure. Download a sample report. Coaching types covered.


Our identity intelligence™ Coaching will help in all these areas:


Learn how God wired your DNA; discover what that means for you in:

  • Your identity, purpose, and call
  • Self esteem
  • College
  • Career
  • Relationships



This coaching will help you understand, appreciate, and value yourself:

  • Learn about natural energies, talents, and strengths you didn't know about
  • Have a healthier self esteem and more self confidence
  • Learn to have better emotional health and life wellness



You'll learn how choose a life path that is tailored perfectly to you:

  • Learn the important secrets about choosing INDUSTRY vs. choosing CAREER
  • Learn to differentiate between Passions and Talents
  • Learn how you can benefit yourself and your employer at the same time
  • Learn how to figure out the perfect college major and save tons of money and time by graduating on time!
  • Learn how God wired you in masterful way, unlike anyone else, for a SPECIFIC PURPOSE
  • Learn the importance and tricks of NOT choosing a career based on education, experience, or learned skills.



Learn how you can improve relationships:

  • With your spouse
  • With your children
  • With your siblings
  • In dating relationships
  • With your parents
  • With your employer / employees
  • With your teachers / professors